Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jan Morris's House in Wales

A collection of Welsh tidbits from Jan Morris' A Writer's House in Wales.

Wherever Welsh people have gone in the world, the image of the cup of tea has gone with them. Even now, in the days of universal junk food, Welsh women like to live up to their reputation. The Olde Welsh Tea Shoppe may have petered out but the old Welsh cup of tea, sweet and strong, is still universally on offer. When Wittgenstein the philosopher stayed in the house of a Welsh preacher the minister's wife urged her hospitality upon him with some diffidence - "Would you like a cup of tea, now, Dr. Wittgenstein? Would you like bread? Would you care for a nice piece of cake? Sonorously from the next room came the voice of the clergyman himself: "Don't ask the gentleman! Give!"

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